The TuxTown Chess Game Replayer is a little tool to replay a chess game. The replayer can be included in other webpages like blogs or fora. It is free to use and uses the great PGN Viewer from http://chesstempo.com.

Contrary to some other replayers, the Chess Tempo viewer makes it possible to use PGN's with comments en variations. All you need is valid PGN syntax. All uploaded games are stored in a PostgreSQL database with a unique and non-guessable identifier as to make it hard to retrieve all games by brute force scripting. Therefore using this service does not mean giving away your games to the whole world.


Usage is very simple. Just click on 'Game Uploader', paste your PGN into the webform, and paste the resulting code into your webpage.

The see an example of the result of adding a game, see this page, which shows the famous 'Brisbane Bombshell' game.